Pillows for Stomach sleepers

Almost 26% American sleep on their belly or stomach sleeper. Even though sleeping on your stomach can reduce snoring and help with Sleep apnea, it’s quite affect your back and neck. As it creates unnecessary pressure and misalignment in your spine. When you sleep on your stomach, most of your body weight is in the

Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow Review

The negative impact of waking up with a neck pain can be a huge one. From limiting neck movement, sending painful sensations down the arm or back and being the primary cause of headache, both the dull and migraine level, morning neck pain can last all day, leading to a generally uncomfortable one. Known as

Mediflow original water base pillow Review

    MEDIFLOW ORIGINAL WATER BASE PILLOW REVIEW Getting a good night sleep after a really long day is of huge importance as it might play a huge role in the quest of staying sane through the rigorous daily tasks. One of the most important things needed to achieve this is an efficient pillow that